French Press & Coffee

I love my coffee. I have to have coffee and thus it gets made early in the morning and I drink it on the bus to work. There are days however, that I must have more coffee and in just such an emergency I keep a stash of fresh ground coffee, a French Press and all the trimmings hiding in my office. My co-workers know so does my boss.

Last week one of my co-workers walks in to say “hi” and she looks like a zombie! Literally! She was still groggy and sleepy eyed and informed me she was surprised she actually managed to make it without crashing she was so sleepy. She then states “I need coffee”. Off we go to clean up the press and I proceed to make coffee. In the meantime another co-worker hearing the magic word “coffee” pokes her head in the door with a freshly washed and empty mug. Right on her heels was another co-worker who upon hearing I had fresh coffee couldn’t resist and went looking for a mug to borrow. In a French press that should make 1-2 cup I manage in the end 4 cups as I also refilled my own mug!

A couple days later we have a big meeting and of course they provide drinks and such including coffee…. I stay far away from the mud…. I prefer my “snob coffee”. In saying so my boss looks over at me with a grin and a twinkle in her eye…. “Let me know if you decide to make any of your ‘snob coffee'”… yup she’s hooked on it!